Five foods that will make you have a nice hair.

Many times we ignore the care of our hair and we do not realize that he also suffers with external agents, with age and with what we eat.

There are foods that, by including them in our diet will help us to strengthen, improve and beautify our hair.

Take note!


Lack of iron is the second cause of hair loss and the easiest to treat. Spinach is rich in minerals, and with it, iron, beta-carotene and vitamin C keep hair follicles healthy and promote good blood circulation in the scalp.


They are rich in oils that contribute to elastin and hair growth. You will need them if there is not enough oil in your body, as the hair will become brittle and break. But be careful, because if you eat too many the effect will be the opposite and your hair will become straight.

White meat fish

White meat fish are rich in magnesium, which is essential for hair growth and its deficit is one of the most frequent causes of alopecia.


Rich in beta carotene that make the body better synthesize vitamin A, which helps strengthen the scalp.

We encourage you to try to include these foods in your day to day, your hair will thank you.


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