Couponsmash great deals and not a scam.

For today I want to make you a review about CouponSmash!

I’ve never really been much for internet/Facebook offers; I honestly think that many of them are too good to be true. However, I try to change my views a bit and try something new every day. I came through Facebook a number of times through a offer provided by CouponSmash, which, for what I could see, had many followers.

I signed up for an Advertising to get a Free Cadbury Gift Box package! Yes, I have not seen them in Canada and as a chocolate addict like I am, I could not resist, but of course, although I was looking forward to it as a little child, I was on the other hand, also nervous that the it all would be a Bad joke.

So I sent an email to Charlotte from who works in the support department, which was super professional and helpful. She walked me through the necessary in order to redeem the coupon, this is to verify my address and then claim the coupon and then my Chocolate box was ship!


I received them! No joke after all and they were delicious.

It is also worth mentioning that what you sign up for at, and yes, it is actually clear when you pay for the shipment, which is only $0.49  for a welcome gift. Then it gets renewed monthly and I can say I’m super excited and happy to see what my next couponsmash coupon will be. It’s exciting!

Now I want to enjoy my delicious Cadbury box! Thank you for it CouponSmash!


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