Caleb’s tips for a happier life!

happyExplore new things

It is common that the activities you do daily become tedious and no longer find any taste, for this you can change the environment. Start to play sports, meet new places, change your circle of friends, visit those people you do not see for a long time.

Now, in your image, you can find a stimulus to increase your feeling of happiness, make a change that makes you feel renewed, new clothes, cut or hair color different than the one you have always had; It is very important that you understand that the idea is not to make a change to please others, is to really think how you want to see, so that you feel safe, comfortable and beautiful and easily reflect it.

Own criterion

Although in society it is necessary to have rules and beliefs for a better coexistence, you have your own thoughts towards a certain theme or a lifestyle, without going over anything or anyone fully follows these beliefs. Remember that what matters is that you are happy, and many times this is not achieved by following the flow to the people you have around, trust yourself, of course sometimes your friends and family advise you because they want the best for you, However it is essential that you always have your own criteria

Accept people as they are

Sometimes people have attitudes that despair, irritate or are not easy to accept, if in your group of friends, work or family accounts with this type of people tolerance is the most important value that you must count, you are in a constant Search for happiness, and filling you with anger or exasperation will keep you away from her.

In addition, you have to recognize that all individuals have good and bad things, try to highlight and focus on those attitudes or skills that you find in people around you not to bitter about things that do not even matter.

Grudges and lots of love

Hate and negative feelings all they do is damage the body and mind, keep your life free of these, do not let anything negative stay in you, keep people who you think hurt, are just an obstacle That you can easily jump to achieve your dreams and goals.

Plan happy.

If you are the people who let their days go by waiting for good things to happen out of nowhere, achieving a happy life will make it more difficult; You have to set goals, medium and long term objectives, it is what you want for your life, where and how you want to be in a professional, economical and loving way.

Laugh and smile!

Living with joy is the most important thing to be happy. When you laugh, the body releases endorphin’s which help fight stress and stimulate blood vessel dilation.

Enjoy each of the special moments that are presented in your life, rejoice in the achievements of others, look at the positive side of situations, value the beautiful things that life gives you.

Enjoy 100% everything that gives you pleasure

Keep in mind that happiness is not only having money, traveling or having comfort, life offers little details that make you feel full, enjoy those dishes you like most, a good movie, a wine, a bathroom in The tub, sharing more time with your family, well, there are many simple things that can teach you that your life is more good than you think.

Consume light foods

Some processed foods can make you feel heavy or indigestion, which will make you feel drained and increase your chance of suffering from a chronic illness and possibly lower performance in your daily activities.


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